Uploading files to chibisafe via Obsidian

Obsidian is a great writing app that can help you organize and track your thoughts. With its robust plugin support and customization, it is possible for you to paste images into obsidian and let them upload to chibisafe directly to be embedded in your documents.


Before being able to configure the plugin, make sure to:

  1. Search for the obsidian Image Uploader plugin by Creling
  2. Install it and enable it from settings


Now go the plugin settings and fill the following information:

  • Api Endpoint
  • Upload Header
{"x-api-key": "your-chibisafe-api-key"}
  • Upload Body
{"image": "$FILE"}
  • Image Url Path

And that should be it! From here on, any image you paste into Obsidian will be uploaded to your chibisafe instance and displayed inline in your document.

Uploading to a specific album

If you would like all your obsidian uploads to go to a specific album that you created in chibisafe, you can modify the Upload Header with the following value:

	"x-api-key": "your-chibisafe-api-key",
	"albumuuid": "your-album-uuid"